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During the period of its services to its clients Foundation AL OBAIDLI Establishment for international relations, successfully brought engineering, many of the staff in the fields of architecture, information technology, construction, project management and general maintenance of buildings, as well as in the field of petroleum refineries, petrochemical, transportation, workshops, hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, hospitals and private clinics, supermarkets, fitness centers and homes Fashion and beauty centers and services to individuals and bodies.

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Al Obaidly Establishment for International Relations, is a private limited company registered with the Government of Qatar. Among others, recruiting of manpower is one of its major activities for which we have been licensed by the Ministry of Labor, Employment Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training. Comparatively, we are an old name in the trade but our expertise and experiences are as old as the trade itself and the context of Qatar. We have at our disposal human resource experts having national & international track records. A group of dedicated personnel having professional & technical background work relentlessly at our Head Office in Doha. These experts are engaged in business promotional activities, talent searching & skill upgrading activities. The inflow of manpower from abroad are constantly monitored by us and we analyze the nature of manpower demand in the labor importing countries throughout the globe by using modern information technology in various ways. As a result, we have been able to make our office a centre of information, which is ready to reply your possible queries regarding manpower import from abroad on behalf of our valued patrons. Our Manager possesses vast experience, which is extended over 20 years in the field of manpower recruiting from abroad. Ha had the opportunities to serve with a few top manpower recruiting agencies from abroad. He handled directly recruitment of more than eight thousand workers from the different countries. He undertook supplying from India, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Jordan and many other countries. He maintains regular contact with the leading employers of different manpower of different countries. Also we can recruit housemaid, babysitter, lady driver and lady cook. In anticipation of possible demand of Al Obaidly Establishment, we have been constantly screening & pre-selecting the most suitable applicants and storing their details in our computer & presenting the same before the prospective employers as and when requested. As a motto, we do believe in quality not in quantity. Our promptness in dealing with the whole process of interview. Selection and dispatch have brought us in the frontline of the trade and we are being regarded as one of the most dependable & trusted friends to our valued patrons in Doha, State of Qatar. We solicit a manpower requirement order from esteemed company. We are quite confident that your good self will appreciate our systematic and efficient services. Your impression about us. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any requirements of manpower of manpower of any categories with the corresponding nationality. We are pleased and assure you to offer our best services at all times. Thanking you and hope for nice business relations in future.